DISCMANIA Shogun, White

Typ av disc: Putter, Approach
Vikt: 170 g
Speed: 2 | Glide: 4
Turn: 0 | Fade: 2
Discmanias Active plast.
Discarnas tryck finns i flera olika färger som levereras slumpvis

The Shogun is the master of putting greens and upshots from all distances.

The Shogun is a ”deep dish” beaded putter that you’ll love for both putts and upshots. Designed to withstand a good amount of power, this putter provides a comfortable ergonomic feel and reliable flight when thrown off the tee and for putt/approach.

The Shogun will provide relatively straight flight patterns with a little bit of low speed fade, allowing it to withstand moderate wind resistance with point-and-shoot accuracy.

Pro Tip: We might be biased, but this putter has ridiculously good hand feel and it provides a very impressive flight pattern. Instant staff favourite!

Good for: Tee shots, approach shots, putting

4 i lager

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