DISCMANIA Genius, Light Blue

Genius är en fairwaydriver som med sin snabba och understabila flykt hjälper nya spelare att enklare kunna rikta upp sina kast till neutral flykt. För den erfarne kastaren passar denna disc bäst som roller alternativt för trixiga kast vid snäva kurvor vid högre kasttryck.

  • Frisbeegolf-disc
  • Typ av disc: Fairwaydriver
  • Vikt: 160-170 g
  • Speed: 7 | Glide: 5
  • Turn: -4 | Fade: 1
  • Discmanias Active Plast
  • Discarnas tryck finns i flera olika färger som levereras slumpvis

Easy distance through high speed turn served right here!

The Genius is the most beginner friendly driver featured in the Discmania Active lineup. Designed to flip and fly, the Genius has massive amounts of turn making this the optimal disc for beginners as well as anyone looking for a disc that can do more. Due to its unique flight characteristics the Genius is able to fill a variety of shots in the bag making this an optimal driver for any player. The Genius uses its massive turn to carve shots in the air, navigate tight lines, and even turn into a roller that tears down the fairway.

The Active Base plastic comes at a great price point and provides the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch meaning the disc always feels comfortable and natural in the hand.

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