DISCMANIA D-line P2 (Pro Putter), Gul

Typ av disc: Putter
Vikt: 173-176g
Speed: 2 | Glide: 3
Turn: 0 | Fade: 1

Plast: D-line, flex 2

The wait has been long. We at Discmania are as hyped as you are to finally get these perfect putters out in the wild and into the bags of our loyal fans. It is about time for these beauties to hit the chains!

This is our icon — the P2 — reinvented. For over a decade the P2 has been the gold standard of putters. We wanted to take that standard and take it to a level that is unmatched in disc golf. If you have liked P2 before, you are going to love these. Your next and last putter has arrived and it’s the New P2.

P2 has a deeper rim than the P1 and that provides it greater high speed stability but does not make it more overstable at low speeds. This disc can take higher arm speed and stronger winds and not turn over.

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